Photo: Miha Kolenc

Nina Mav Hrovat

File: The beaver footballer

File: The Mouse Finds New Friends

Nina Mav Hrovat, master of preschool education, works as a preschool teacher in kindergarten and also as a storyteller. She writes literature for children and youth and in her spare time invests herself in amateur theatre. As a founding member of the Kulturno društvo Mlin Radomlje, a cultural society, she has penned some of the comedies and children’s plays that were performed by the society in Radomlje and across various small theatres in Slovenia. She has proved herself as an actress, a playwright and a director, and as of 2013 also as a president of the society. She adores working with children and encourages them to be creative, to involve themselves in arts and to express themselves through them. Working with children and love for fairy-tales led her to write her first works, which have been published in children’s magazines, such as Cicido, Ciciban, etc. In 2009 she received The Original Slovenian Picture Book Award for her debut picture book “The King Who Hated Tidying Up” and was also nominated for a Kristina Brenkova Award in 2013, for her book “The Mouse that Gathered Courage”.