Photo: Darko Herič

Nejc Gazvoda

Author, screenwriter and director Nejc Gazvoda was born in 1985 in Novo mesto, Slovenia. He wrote his standout short story collection Vevericam nič ne uide (Nothing Escapes the Squirrels) in high school, receiving a nomination for best literary debut in 2004. In 2005, the scintillating work won the Golden Bird Award of the Liberal Academy for best short prose, and in 2006 the Dnevnik newspaper’s Fabula Award. His second novel Camera obscura (Camera Obscura, 2006) was nominated for the national Kresnik Award. He followed up with two more novels, Sanjajo tisti, ki preveč spijo (Dreams are for Those Sleeping In, 2007), and two years later V petek so sporočili, da bo v nedeljo konec sveta (On Friday We Were Told the World Would End on Sunday). At twenty-four, including the short story collection Fasunga (Fasunga, 2007), Nejc Gazvoda had already published four eye-catching books. In 2010 he graduated in Film Directing from the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, receiving the Student Prešeren Award for his BA thesis. In 2011 he wrote, directed, edited and set designed the feature film Izlet (A Trip) that was met with outstanding success across domestic and international film festivals. Two years later, his second feature-length Dvojina (Dual) achieved similar praise. Nejc Gazvoda also co-wrote the films Osebna prtljaga (Personal Baggage, 2009) and Razredni sovražnik (Class Enemy, 2013), a domestic Academy Award entry. In addition to his status of independent writer, director and screenwriter, he is engaged in the sphere of stage arts.