Photo: Jolanda Šimonka Milič

Photo: Jolanda Šimonka Milič

Karolina Kolmanič

File: Excerpt from the book “Good Night, My Love”

Karolina Kolmanič was born in Lomanoše by Gornja Radgona. As a teacher, she got to know joyful and dark shades of life in the Slovenian (Prekmurje and Styria) countryside and this exact social web is a common theme of her novels, short stories and other prose scripts. Tiny images of everyday life were published in various journals and magazines at home and abroad. She has also translated works from foreign literature (Helga Blaschke-Pal, Martin Altwood, Enelia Paz Gomez …). Several of her works are translated into foreign languages, most recently, the tale Farewell, Silver Bird was published in English translation. (Farewell, Silver Bird, Texture Press, USA).  She is a permanent member of the Literary Society Plesse Bovenden of Göttingen and a member of the Slovenian PEN club.  She has not devoted herself systematically to poetry, but several of her poems were set to music (Prekmurje Land, Our Journey and many others).


  • 1968 The Sun Seeks Not the Lonesome Paths, Pomurska založba
  • 1972 Farewell, Silver Bird, Pomurska založba
  • 1975 Marta, Pomurska založba
  • 1980 Shadows on White Pages, Pomurska založba
  • 1983 Dreams of Golden Buttons, Mladinska knjiga
  • 1986 Your Distorted Image, Obzorja
  • 1988 The Fruits of Early Blossoms , Obzorja
  • 1990 he Silver Bicycle, Amalietti d. o. o.
  • 1992 The Sun Seeks Not the Lonesome Paths, reprint, Karantanija
  • 1992 Vintner Ana s Hill, Franc-Franc
  • 1993 I Am Returning You Your Spouse, Mihelač
  • 1994 Late Summer, Pomurska založba
  • 1997 The Sunflower s Blooming, Amalietti
  • 1997 Shadows on White Pages, reprint, Karantanija
  • 1999 The Lotus Blossom , Karantanija
  • 2000 No SunWithout Shadows, Naša žena
  • 2003 Dawn of Hope, Pomurska založba
  • 2004 Her Crossroads, Franc-Franc
  • 2005 Alba, Pomurska založba
  • 2005 I Wait for You, Dolores, Karantanija
  • 2007 The Poems of Unloved, Karantanija
  • 2010 Nila, Pomurska založba
  • 2012 Light in the Heart, Pivec
  • 2014 The School Bell Won t Stop Ringing, VED
  • 2015 Good Night, My Love, Slavistično društvo
  • 2016 Farewell, Silver Bird, Texture Press USA


2003 Let Us Say It and Laugh, Separatio


  • 2001 Self Image of Two Banks, Slovenski PEN
  • 2016 Coversation with Contemporaries, Sodobnost 4