Erika Vouk

Poet and translator Erika Vouk lives and works in Maribor. Her poetic oeuvre consists of eight poetry collections: The White Eurydice (1984), Anima (1990), The White Tree (2000), Description of a Painting (2002), Album (2003), Wave Motion (2004), Ruby (2008) and Lasa pur dir (2013). In 2007, her selected poems were published under the title A Hand Painting with the Swing of a Bird’s Wing. Erika Vouk authored a wealth of translation, especially in the domain of drama (Frank Wedekind, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Heiner Müller), with her foremost work being Goethe’s Faust: The Second Part of the Tragedy. Her poetry and youth literature translations appeared in a diverse range magazines and journals. In 2002 she became the Dame of Poetry at the European Poetry Tournament, as well as having received the Jenko Award for her poetry collection Description of a Painting, followed by the Veronika Award for the same piece in 2004. Erika is a recipient of the Glazer Award of the City of Maribor for lifetime achievement.